Primary Healing Level 1

This course is about you and your connection to the infinite and divine source of all creations and about learning to tap into the highest possible dimension of unconditional love and light and energy. When working directly with the source you can use the energy for healing on yourself or others, manifesting things into your life, changing old programs and creating a new awareness of the world around you and transforming your life the way you want to. My approach during the course it to share my knowledge and experiences and create the awareness that we all have knowledge inside us and that we can access and trust that inner knowing.

Everyone has the ability to heal themselves and to practice energy healing. Many energy healing techniques believe that you need a master to attune you and to re-awaken you. After having taught Usui Reiki for a while I came to realise over time that everyone can do that themselves as we are all born with the connection to the source. I have attended courses for different healing modalities and some needed no attunement at all and with others it was again a self-attunement. Primary healing teaches that we are all responsible for our own healing and puts the focus on healing from the inside rather than expecting healing from an outside healer. As we have all been through our individual conditioning and programming it is only ourselves who can heal that conditioning and with the active connection to the source we tap into the highest possible dimension and ask for healing and assistance on our path. The focus of the course is on transformation and remembering and re-awakening our connection to the infinite source and becoming aware of our own power. We will also learn how to connect to the energy coming from the infinite source of all creations so we don’t give out our personal energy and thus work as a channel for the energy coming from the source. Participants will learn about chakras and chakra balancing and we will talk about affirmations and manifestations for our life and our path. During level 1 of the course the participants are taught how they can use that primary energy of the infinite source on themselves and in the follow up level 2 participants will learn how to also use it as a healing technique on others, send energy and healing to others and tune into and scan others in order to give healing.

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