Reiki for animals

Reiki does not stop at humans. We can Reiki animals, plants, water, food, creams or anything else we believe needs Reiki. The advantage of giving Reiki to animals is that they – like children – are much more open to it. As they have a sixth sense they can feel when something wonderful is coming their way.

Please remember that the same applies to animals as to humans. You always have to ask for their permission first. That might sound strange but it actually works. An animal will let you know if they want Reiki, for how long they want it and when they want you to stop. Fulton/Prasad have written a wonderful book called “Animal Reiki” in which they share their experiences about giving Reiki to different animals – even wild animals such as deer!

A couple of years ago we started going horse riding in Malaysia. During one of our visits I heard that one of the horses was sick and I decided to have a look at the horse. The owner told me that they had already tried everything – massages, aromatherapy and of course the  vet. Apparently the horse had colic. His name was Mr Grey.  He also had a bad fall. I offered to do some Reiki and the owner gladly accepted. I helped the vet to calm down Mr Grey by taking the horses head into my hands and just giving him Reiki. That way the vet could give him a drip. I then spent a couple of hours giving the horse some Reiki and using Chios to clear his impurities in his aura. Mr Grey couldn’t pass manure either and it had to be physically removed each time. The next morning Mr Grey looked so much better. It was almost like a different horse. I gave the owner an attunement and we both continued to Reiki the horse. Not long after that the horse was able to pass manure on its own.  When I got back to Singapore I sent Reiki to heal the stress caused to Mr Grey by his fall. Every time he left his stable he was nervous so sending Reiki to that event would help him heal and thus he was able to stop being nervous when leaving the stables. The owners of course still had to give the horse a lot of attention as it had been very sick but it was amazing to see how energy healing helped Mr Grey.

You can give Reiki to horses the same way you reiki humans – hands on. However, it is not necessary to touch the horse. That applies especially for horses that seem nervous and are kicking or biting. Your safety is always the first priority. I sometimes just stand outside the box and hold my hands out and the Reiki is still flowing very strongly and the horse starts to relax. If you have Reiki level 2 then you can also send Reiki to the horse by using its forehead to dial-in. I often do that as it helps me to tune in better.

Britta Vock, a german Reiki Master, wrote a book in German called “Reiki  – Treating horses with energy healing methods”. The book contains plenty of case studies with pictures.

Britta also describes how thermal imaging photography can be used to show how a temperature change occurs when giving Reiki – while the temperature of the hands of the person who gives Reiki barely changes.



Picture Jeanette Gerkens-Kuhlow, Book: “Gesundes Pferd – Reiki”, Britta Vock


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