Self-awareness and self-love matter. Who we are is how we lead.” (Brené Brown, dare to lead).

In order to lead others we first of all have to be able to lead ourselves. Aware self-leadership is a key in BEING a successful leader. Times are changing rapidly and with that our leadership style has to adapt accordingly. The new leadership is truly one of being in service and going beyond perceived limitations that are fear and ego based and instead embracing co-creation and collaboration with our teams.

Being a leader in the new paradigm means to bring heart and head as well as our willpower into coherence and work as a team. Body, mind and soul have to be aligned to synchronise our individual as well the collective purpose. Companies being in service with that kind of awareness will thrive as our society is demanding changes in the current unsustainable systems.

The true magic happens outside the comfort zone! It takes courage to do that!