Energy Healing Kids

One of the most beautiful experiences when working with energy healing is that you are able to assist someone. That can happen in many different ways – as the case studies below will show. I can only say that working with children – be it healing sessions or workshops is a truly amazing experience and I love working with children. I love to play and I use an “organisation playground” for adults to explore new ways within business and private life.

Over the years I learnt that it was my childhood experiences that created the person who I was. It might sound obvious but we tend to forget that. Energy healing changed a lot in my life. Unhappy moments, sadness, grief etc. – we end up pushing those unpleasant experiences into our subconscious mind and we actually forget about them. Life will sooner or later bring up those forgotten issues. Sometimes it can take a long time to get there and other times we might shift through it pretty quickly. You might ask why would I want to bring those memories back? Simply because releasing anything attached to them will make you a happier and more peaceful person and you will stop getting triggered over the same things.

The reason why I love working with children is to give them life long tools that will help them get through life with less setbacks. Imagine if we start carrying around some deep resentments, unhappiness or emotional pain at an early age and if we continue to just add to that as we grow up. How much will it affect us as adults? Quite a lot actually!

My own children have grown up with my energy work and I do also send them to friends. It takes a village to raise a child!. My son was a big fan from the very beginning. My daughter needed time to warm to it but has started to ask for it more often or just uses it herself whenever she feels the need for it.

I would like to illustrate with below case studies how energy healing can help children even at an early age to overcome physical and emotional problems. They can build up their physical strength when they are sick and release emotions so they carry less baggage around as they grow up.

Always remember to respect and follow the general rule: You need permission to give/send energy/healing to somebody. If children are too little then ask their parents. However, if the children can communicate then you have to ask the children’s permission. Be respectful!


A friend called me because her 5 year old daughter had not been eating enough for the two months and had lost some weight, which according to her pediatrician should not happen at that age. The pediatrician told them that it could either be a physical or an emotional problem. They could run a whole series of tests to establish if it was a physical problem. If the tests came back negative then they would have to look into the emotional side of it. Two days before the girl was admitted into hospital for all sorts of routine check ups her mother called me and asked me to give her some Reiki. Before they arrived I sent her daughter some energy healing. I immediately started crying and felt very emotional. When my friend arrived with her daughter I explained to her that I thought the problem was on an emotional level and that her daughter was very upset about something. I also told her that I was not a doctor and obviously could not confirm with certainty that she had no physical issues. So if they felt the need to run all those test, then they should do that.

I also gave her daughter some healing around her heart, which helped shift some stuff that was sitting there.

We also agreed to send healing to the root cause of the problem. I explained to my friend that she should expect some tantrums for a few days as that will bring issues up that need to be released. The tantrums did occur but were over after a couple of days.

My friend reported the same evening that her daughter had started to eat a bit more again and each day it got better. After a couple of weeks she was eating normally again, her sleep had improved – which had been affected as well – and she was the happy girl that she had been before. The hospital tests were cancelled after consulting their doctor and reporting on the progress. My friend was so glad that Reiki was able to help.

Please note: Reiki should not be seen as a substitute for medical treatment if a condition requires medical attention. Please make sure to see your medical practitioner whenever necessary. A Reiki practitioner can not give any medical diagnosis unless he/she is a trained medical doctor.


Around the same time another friend called me and asked if I could give some energy healing to her 3 year old son. He was undergoing tests for celiac disease and he lacked energy and seemed tired. I asked the little boy if I could give him some energy healing and put my hands on his belly or shoulders but he didn’t seem too comfortable with it. So I didn’t continue. I then suggested to his mother to  work with his heart chakra. He sat on her lap while I gave him the attunement. She told me the next morning he felt so much more energetic again when he went to kindergarten.


My son broke his arm around the elbow area. It was a rather unspectacular fall so at first I didn’t really expect that he had broken it. He kept asking for energy healing and would not let me remove my hands. As he continued to cry I realized that it must have been worse than it looked. While energy healing is always encouraged as first aid, a broken bone is the one time where you should go to the hospital first and have it fixed. There have been cases where the broken bone started growing in the wrong direction and had to be broken again in order to fix it properly. So I stopped giving my son’s arm energy healing when I suspected that it was broken. I was however amazed at the trust that my 5 year old had in the healing. Once he had the splint on I kept giving healing to his elbow again. It was taking a lot of energy. However, a couple of days later it stopped taking energy and continued to heal really well. He wore a cast for 3 weeks and the elbow was healed.

I have also continued to do some healing for the emotional experiences that my children had, physical as well as emotional traumas that happened over the years. We should not underestimate what kind of experiences can cause trauma – accidents, moving house/cities/countries/schools, divorce, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a pet etc.