Rainbow children

My daughter has always talked about rainbows. She always draws rainbows. When I look at drawings she made when she was ┬áless than 3 years old I can find rainbows in them. I did not think much about it. I always thought she just likes rainbows. Then I decided to take her and my son for an aura and chakra scanning. I had done one myself a few days before I took the children and there were no surprises: indigo aura. As we stepped into the shop my daughter said: I want a rainbow in my aura. I replied to her that we couldn’t choose ┬áthe colour of the aura. So both children had their aura and chakras scanned. When I looked at the picture of my daughter’s aura it was a bit like a rainbow! The owner of the shop asked the children to choose a card with pictures of crystals on it. My daughter immediately chose a card with different coloured stones – like a rainbow. It was not even the prettiest card. She chose it without hesitation. The shop owner was rather surprised. I had always known my son was very sensitive to energy. He talks about how he feels energy, what colours he can see and recently he told me he felt his crown chakra spinning! It was a bit of a surprise though that my daughter is as sensitive to energy. She has not been able to express it so much.

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