Healing session

I offer healing sessions through  Skype anywhere in the world or in person in Zurich, Switzerland as well as when travelling. Remote healing has the same effects as healing in person. Languages offered: English, German, Croatian

I always work with the source energy directly as well as feeling and reading the client’s energy. I also work on identifying and removing old programs, belief systems and behavioural patterns as well as anchoring and strengthening what will assist you to live your full potential and connect to your heart.  Transformation occurs.

The process of healing is similar to an onion. We have to peel layers and the programs that effect our life most tend to sit very deep, often well hidden. Sometimes we have to peel certain layers so we can get to the deeper sitting issues and for that kind of change in your life it would be beneficial to do several healing sessions.

Energy exchange: 60mins CHF128-188 / 90mins CHF188-288 /120 mins CHF258-388 Weekend sessions are an additional CHF80. (please give in accordance with your financial means).

Contact: Mirjana Power, info@primaryhealing.com or +41 79 6445744

Location: in Zurich or globally with Skype

Energy healing can assist heal issues on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It also balances the chakras. The energy is very nurturing and relaxing.

Please note: Reiki and energy healing are complementary therapies and are not a replacement for medical treatment. Energy healing is not a medical form of treatment and no medical diagnosis is given.  You should always consult your physician for any medical issue.

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