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A Journey to your heart, 10am-6pm, 

Primary healing – Level  1, This course offers many tools to increase your intuition, work with energy, self-healing and manifestation techniques. Contribution: CHF360

Primary healing – Level 2

Heal and balance your chakras  Contribution: CHF90 This 3 hour course gives you an introduction to your 7 major chakras. Different techniques for balancing and healing and aligning your chakras are shared. We will also do a meditation to connect to the infinite, divine and primary source of all creations and use this divine energy to heal, balance and strengthen our chakras.  Please register at

Circle of love and light: 2018, 7.30pm.  It is a monthly get-together where we meditate, chant, exchange healing techniques, anchor light, share love and light, have a cup of tea and a chat. I have started this evening to create a space to meet like-minded people but also for anyone else who feels “alone” or possibly even “in the wrong place” on planet Earth.  Contribution: CHF30. Please register at

Parenting spirited children:   “Spirited children are normal children but more” (Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, Raising your spirited child) This is a morning for parents who want to meet up for a cup of tea and share their experiences about raising spirited children. All children are amazing and unique. Spirited children are the ones who push us often that bit more, have one million questions, seem so much  wiser than their age and tend to be very sensitive. You might be one yourself 🙂  Contribution: CHF20. Please register at

Accessing your intuition: We all have an intuition and very often we tend to ignore this inner voice or we believe we can’t hear it.  During this workshop we will work with our right side of the brain. You will learn a method to access your intuition but also to create a safe space where you can do anything from calling in people for healing, working on business plans, going to past events for healing or visualising and creating future events (it is your private rehearsal room). You can also call in your power animal and guides 🙂 Please register at

Primary healing – Level 1 course

This course is about you and your connection to the infinite and divine source of all creations and about learning to tap into the highest possible dimension of unconditional love and light and energy. When working directly with the source you can use the energy for healing on yourself or others, manifesting things into your life, changing old programs and creating a new awareness of the world around you and transforming your life the way you want to. My approach during the course it to share my knowledge and experiences and create the awareness that we all have knowledge inside us and that we can access and trust that inner knowing.

Everyone has the ability to heal themselves and to practice energy healing. Many energy healing techniques believe that you need a master to attune you and to re-awaken you. After having taught Usui Reiki for a while I came to realise over time that everyone can do that themselves as we are all born with the connection to the source. I have attended courses for different healing modalities and some needed no attunement at all and with others it was again a self-attunement. Primary healing teaches that we are all responsible for our own healing and puts the focus on healing from the inside rather than expecting healing from an outside healer. As we have all been through our individual conditioning and programming it is only ourselves who can heal that conditioning and with the active connection to the source we tap into the highest possible dimension and ask for healing and assistance on our path. The focus of the course is on transformation and remembering and re-awakening our connection to the infinite source and becoming aware of our own power. We will also learn how to connect to the energy coming from the infinite source of all creations so we don’t give out our personal energy and thus work as a channel for the energy coming from the source. Participants will learn about chakras and chakra balancing and we will talk about affirmations and manifestations for our life and our path. During level 1 of the course the participants are taught how they can use that primary energy of the infinite source on themselves and in the follow up level 2 participants will learn how to also use it as a healing technique on others.   Venue: to be confirmed

Free talk: Primary Healing and Empower yourself, 2018, 7.30pm, please register at

Empower yourself: 2018

The focus and intent of this course is to guide the participants to step into their own power. Every single one of us is a product of our conditioning and programming. The way we perceive things, the way we react to things, the fears that hold us back from becoming who we truly are. All of that is a result of our conditioning from the moment we are in our mother’s womb and it continues through our whole life. Our conditioning and our fears often stop us from living our life to the fullest and keep us from developing our full potential and living our life in peace and harmony.

If you step into your power and master your fears you can shape your reality as you wish, you can do your own healing and help others.

You are your own master on all levels. You are the master of your life. No one else can do it for you so don’t give your power to somebody else!

Most of the fears are just an illusion and many times they are created on purpose from governments and religious associations to take away your power. If you are in your power then no one can control you and this is something which our society does not want you and does not allow you to develop. Take that step towards your freedom!

Fear belongs in the past and is created by the mind. Courage means living in the present and listening to your heart. The root of the word “courage” is “cor”, heart in Latin. So, this awareness was already there once.

If you are tired of limiting belief systems, if you fear stepping outside your comfort zone but know that it is the only way to achieve your dreams or move forward in life, if you want to learn to let go of your fears and free yourself from your conditioning, if you want to create your own reality then I would love to meet you at our course.

During the course we will also re-awaken our connection to the source to open up our own healing abilities. We will talk about chakras and how their imbalance affects our well-being.

As I would like to make these courses available to as many people as possible – and especially to those ones who otherwise would have no access to such courses – we would like to try a new concept regarding course fees which will work on the basis of donations. There will be a suggested donation amount for the 2 days which is CHF360.

However, if your financial situation does not permit you to donate this amount then please donate whatever amount you can. If you have no financial means for this course at all then I  would like to offer it for free to you.

Children in the New Paradigm :  Reiki for children in a fun and interactive way

Kids workshop and Kid’s circle of love and light:  (age group: 6-10)  Reiki for children in a fun and interactive way

To register for the free talk, the classes and the circle of love and light / Starseed awakening or to make an appointment for an individual Reiki healing session please e-mail 

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