Reiki healing sessions

I have created my own intuitive healing method “primary healing” and always work with the source energy directly as well as feeling and “reading” the client’s energy. Energy healing can help heal issues on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It also balances the chakras. I always see myself primarily as the channel and the person holding the space for the client’s healing process. The energy is always very nurturing and relaxing while working on removing blockages or physical and emotional pain. I also work on removing belief systems, old programs and patterns on multiple levels we also work on finding the triggers and the root cause for belief systems or physical as well as emotional pain.

Energy exchange: 60mins CHF120 / 90mins CHF160 /120 mins CHF220

Contact: Mirjana Power, or +41 79 6445744

Location: in Zurich at Klosbachstrasse or internationally with Skype

Please note: Reiki and energy healing can help with healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. It is not a medical form of treatment and no medical diagnosis is given.  It is a safe and complimentary form of energy healing and can be used along with any conventional medical treatments (such as chemo etc). However, you should always tell your doctor that you are doing Reiki.

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