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In March a student of mine took me to a new shop in the Siglap shopping centre (on the 2nd floor – take the escalator and it is on your left). I will have to be forever grateful for that. The shop is called The auraMATHERAPY SHOP and it is run by Selina and Vincent. Ever since I have been there I have sent Reiki friends and students there, took my kids there and told all other friends about it. If you have ever wanted to know what your aura looks like and how balanced (or not) your chakras are then you really have to visit this place. Selina has a wealth of knowledge and she will tell you where you are in life and what you need to look out for – which chakras need extra care and which chakras are doing quite well. Looking at the aura she can even tell you in what type of profession you are. The aura will also tell if you are perhaps meant to do something else… You also receive a folder with a 22 page report explaining the state of  your aura and chakras, so you can go home and read about it! The cost for this amazing (and possibly life changing) amount of information is SGD48. That includes 2 pictures – one of your aura, one of your chakras, a 22 page report and about half an hour consultation where the report is being explained to you. I say life changing because you might find out some information that was new to you (like I did with my daughter), you might hear that it is time to be brave enough to let go of old structures you are unhappy with and start listening to your heart!

You can also take your children there. It does not have to be just for you!

Go and check it out:

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Aquarian age


On you can now also find CDs for Reiki and Snatam Kaur’s most beautiful CDs that can be used as music to relax, to meditate or to chant or for yoga– including her latest release Ras inspired by her deep love and sense of responsibility for the environment.
Also included is her CD “feeling good today” for children. Those CDs are a lovely present for yourself, a birthday, Christmas or just to show your friendship 🙂


Success in the Aquarian Age
by Catalyst Yogi, Spirit Voyage

Turning ME into WE – Success in the Aquarian Age

As we come closer to this new age of enlightenment, the whole notion of success is being turned upside down. Success in the Piscean Age was measured by the accumulation of material things, money, credentials, physical beauty and status. Basically, success was a constant struggle to be ‘better’ than everyone else. Success was defined by the ego – I worked hard and made it all happen – I created my success. Success was mine.

While it’s true that in the Piscean Age, individual consciousness (a motivated ego and a strong third chakra) accomplished many things, this is no longer the case. We have reached the end of the road. We have taken our human evolution as individual egos as far as we can without destroying ourselves.

The ego is losing its power and control. You may have noticed in your own life that the old ways of doing things no longer produce the same results. Struggling, pushing, working harder and longer hours bring nothing but stress and illness. You just try to go faster ~ to get ahead ~ like a hamster on a wheel wondering why you aren’t getting anywhere.

Attempting to do everything on your own only brings frustration and blocks at every turn. That is because the rules of the game have changed and as the Hopis teach us, ”The time of the lone wolf is over”.

Group consciousness is now the only way to move energy, create change and feel successful. The truth of this will be felt more with each passing month and year.

Facebook reflects this change. Notice how fast people can gather, rally for a cause and create something together. This all feels effortless within the construct of group consciousness. Today, it is more important than ever to align yourself with a group of people that share your vision to serve the whole of humanity. The pressure is on and the ego will want to keep you separate and isolated from others. When you start to feel isolated, depressed or withdrawn spend time with conscious groups of people to feel supported and uplifted through these times.

Success in the Aquarian Age is determined by the Spirit not the ego and the Spirit longs only to serve. Your success will be measured by how many people you serve ~ how many people you help to manifest their dreams of happiness and success. Your success is now forever tied to the success of others

Here is a great place to begin. When you see others succeeding and serving humanity reach out and cheer them on! It is only the ego’s pride that holds you back – and the belief in the ego’s story that somehow you will be diminished if you applaud someone else.

The equation of the Aquarian Age is your success = my success = OUR success. The ego resists the truth that we as a humanity are interdependent and on this crazy ride into the Aquarian Age together. Tune into your Soul and feel the Joy in that statement – you are not alone.

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My life purpose

Having spent the last years focusing on energy healing and developing my skills within that area it came as a surprise that recently I had to ask myself: what is my life purpose? I thought I knew it. I thought it was energy healing. It can’t be that it suddenly would have had to change. After spending lots of time reflecting on what the universe was  trying to tell me and what my life purpose was I came to the conclusion that my life purpose had not really changed. What had changed was the direction I was going. I had to make clear to myself where my priorities were and who I was.

I was born a healer and I still am a healer. Throughout my whole life I was helping people – in various ways and I always wanted to help people. At some point in life I got a bit frustrated. My mistake was that I expected other people do be like I – and I still do sometimes. I had to learn a few painful lessons but those lessons made me feel more free. Those lessons also made me realize that I needed to go my own way.

My life purpose is now more than ever to help people. Now I can give them even tools to help themselves by teaching them Reiki.

My life purpose is to help prepare our new generation for what lies ahead of them. They were born more connected yet they are struggling to keep that connection because they are misunderstood. They have to challenge governments and the status quo. They have to make an impact in order to make the world a better place.

My life purpose is to be a mother, a wife, a healer and a teacher.

I invite you to become one of my students and clients.



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Yin and Yang image by

I absolutely love this yin and yang image by but there are many more beautiful and amazing pictures on the above website. I could look at them forever. Please do visit the website 🙂


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