About Me

Namaste and thank you for visiting my website!

I see myself as an Angel on Earth assisting in bringing inner peace to the individual as well as globally. Our inner state reflects our outside world and vice versa. My name Mirjana means “gracious peace”.

I work as an intuitive channel for the divine source of all creations and also work with movement and dance, art and writing and enjoy chanting and singing.

Life with all its challenges as well as all the unique and beautiful experiences is my biggest teacher. I am always striving to learn more, to connect deeper and to share my love and my light.

I encourage you to follow your heart and thus create a happy, joyful and abundant life. I feel deep gratitude for every person who gives me the opportunity to work with them. It is always an incredible experience to hold the space for other people’s healing and witness the transformation.

Love and light



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