About Me

One person alone can’t change the world but can start a process…

I am always curious and striving to learn more, to connect deeper and to share my inspirational joyfulness, my abundant wisdom and knowledge as well as my pure source love and light.

In my work I access the quantum field and harness my innate intuition and my innate creative genius as well as my source energy. I primarily hold the space and empower clients to discover and explore their own answers, solutions and healing. I love to coach through various mediums  including expressive arts through movement/dance, drawing and writing and mindfulness techniques.

I enjoy chanting and singing. My children as well as life with all that it brings, the light and the darkness, are my biggest teachers.

When we are at peace with ourselves and centred from the inside we are at peace with the world outside. When we allow ourselves to be creative from the inside we will encounter a creative flow and a creative world on the outside. When we practice self-compassion we are compassionate with others.

I encourage you to follow your heart and thus create a happy, joyful and abundant life. I feel deep gratitude for every opportunity to work with individuals as well as organisations and thus be in service to the individual as well as the collective. It is always an incredible experience to create and hold the space for other people’s explorations and connection to their own innate abilities as well as their healing and witness the transformation.

Mirjana Janjic Power

Founder of Simply Mpowering and Primary Healing