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Namaste and thank you for visiting my website!

I would like to share a few words about my personal feelings about Energy Healing and Reiki and myself and what you can expect from me as a spiritual guide and course facilitator as well as an energy channel when giving healing sessions.

During healing sessions I work directly with the infinite, divine and primary source and channel the energy directly from the source. I call this technique Primary Healing but for me it is not so much about using a particular healing technique. It is more about being the channel and creating the space for the clients to be empowered and find their own healing path. I have also learned different healing techniques such as Arcturian Healing (Gene Ang) and Theta healing®, Usui Reiki and Kundalini Reiki. I completed my Level 1 training for Tamalpa Life Arts (Anna Halprin) in June 2016, which is a form of expressive arts therapy. In 2017 I will be attending a training program for a “parent-compass for mindful communication with children” as well as a separate training program for “mindful communication with children”. In order to be mindful with others we first of all need to be mindful with ourselves.

I see myself primarily as a guide and facilitator who can only share the experiences and the knowledge that I gathered from doing my own learnings in life, attending classes and workshops, listening to my inner knowing and the guidance of the true and divine light as well as working with clients and course participants. For me one of the most important aspects is to continue to learn and to encourage everyone else to never stop learning. The moment we believe we “know it all” that moment we can no longer grow and progress on our path.

I also like to share what energy healing has brought into my life over the years. I don’t see myself as a “traditional Master” because I believe that everyone is a “Master” – a master of their own life and  a master of many more things.

I encourage my course participants to follow their heart, to find the path to their heart and soul and to empower themselves. I am no different than any of my course participants or clients or anyone else who I meet in life for that matter. Like everyone else I still have to learn from the experiences that I go through in life.  Sometimes they are absolutely beautiful experiences and other times they are rather painful experiences. What working with energy and Reiki has taught me is to embrace them all and that is what I like to teach my course participants as well. Embrace all the experiences that energy healing and in fact any form of healing will bring into your life – the painful ones as much as the wonderful ones.

“My truth might not be your truth”. Every person has their own  journey and path. I am here to help you find your truth and try and give you the guidance and support that you need on your journey and on your path. Take what resonates and leave behind what does not.

I enjoy sharing my beautiful and sometimes unique and amazing experiences with anyone who is interested and I encourage everybody to open up to the abundance of love and happiness that such a path will bring. You don’t have to become a Reiki Master or similar in order to enjoy true happiness. For some people a few energy healing sessions might be enough to lead to major shifts. Other people prefer to attend an energy healing or Reiki course that re-awakens their connection to the divine source. Once you remember your connection you will understand what a beautiful and powerful being you are and that it is you who does all the healing, not another healer or another master. I often wish I had discovered that much earlier in my life! That is one of the reasons why I am so passionate about working with children. They receive tools that will help them to resolve issues as they come up rather than build them up over years. It is also great to have the ability to give Reiki and energy healing to my children when they are sick. To be able to turn around and give Reiki to them whenever they need it and knowing that I am helping them is just an amazing feeling. Another aspect of energy healing and Reiki in our home is to teach my children that they too have a purpose and path on their life journey and that every experience they make will lead to more learning and understanding. If they can take those learnings into adulthood they will embrace the challenges of life much more prepared.

Whenever people cross our paths, there is always a message for us. Chance encounters do not exist. How we respond to these encounters determines whether we’re able to receive the message. James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy

I look forward to crossing your path at my free talks,  in my classes, at my Circles of Love and Light or at a private healing session!

Love and light



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