Reiki Learning with Mirjana was about discovering a whole new side to oneself.
To me, it felt I was being tuned back to my true frequency where life was so carefree, happy and natural. Ten long years of handwork interpersonally and professionally had lead to tiredness and deep sadness. My  energy healing sessions with her lifted the load and made me feel alive. Reiki with Mirjana was a life time experience – set in my heart. The memories I have of connecting to her spiritual self are a guiding force for me.
Whenever in doubt about the true purpose and essence of life arises, I always trust her for she gives the most balanced and unbiased advise. A good friend,a teacher and my energy healing guru -she is a blessed soul. She is a true light and Reiki with her is about being in the heaven with your feet grounded :) )
p.s. she constantly reminds me to keep that Devil Ego in check as a healer and a guide.Thanks for everything every time and each time. Love you.  Love Shhanya
Awesome, fantastic, beautiful, wonderful, enlightening – Mike

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