Free Will

The summer is around the corner – at least for us here in Europe and I am looking forward to that summer and holiday feeling that comes with it. So far this year has been absolutely incredible for me – in so many different ways and on so many different levels. As Salvatore recently put it: I enjoy “being love” and it has been such a big learning process and so many shifts had to be achieved in order to even understand what it means “to be love”.

The one struggle many of us have is “to let go” and to “not control the outcome”.
That does not only apply to our own learnings but can also be challenging when we are in our function as healers, channels, teachers, friends or coaches etc.
It can be very challenging to take that step back and accept that everyone has a free will and decides whether or not they want to do their own healing.
As you might remember, I never see myself as a healer for others – merely as a light channel for the source. I cannot heal other people’s conditioning. I cannot “undo” their programming. What I can do is channel the energy that will give them a push to move forward and thus help them override the old program to create a new and much more liberating and fulfilling one. By just being the energy channel I will help them to let go and clear whatever needs to be cleared as long as they choose to do that. I can share my experiences and I can give suggestions how to overcome your fears, your worries, your insecurities etc. But at the end of the day it is your free will whether or not you want to learn, shift, advance and live your life the way you imagined it. As a “healer” I have to let go of the outcome. As long as we do our best to help in every possible way to reach the outcome that’s for the highest good of all, we have done our job well. But we do not put ourselves into the healing process! Everybody has to do their own healing and decides if and what they want to have healed. By not being a healer for somebody else I am actually allowing the person looking for healing to stay in his or her own power! They are not giving the power of healing to me but using it themselves instead!

So many times we expect others to make us happy. Many of you know my view: I am not responsible for other people’s happiness. Neither are you. You are only responsible for your own happiness. Again, everybody has a choice: do I want to be happy or not? How can I put that type of pressure on somebody else? How can I expect from somebody else to make me happy? I have a free will! So if I want to be happy I will take all necessary actions to become happy. Don’t put that kind of pressure on somebody else!

So many times we blame others for hurting us. But are they really hurting us? Or is it our perception that they are? I so love Salvatore’s view on this. When we are in our heart presence, when we are love, we cannot be hurt or feel hurt. What I have started to do recently is to ask myself as different experiences arise: Why is that bothering me? Why am I feeling hurt? The other day I connected to the source and I asked to explain it to me. I had such a good laugh afterwards. Sure enough, the ego was involved. So can I blame the other person for my own ego? Of course not! I feel it is so important to be aware of your own perceptions and to be aware of how we immediately project our programmed and conditioned mind on somebody else.  To be in your own power means to look inside you and find out why you feel hurt, bothered, upset or fearful. When somebody else upsets me and I believe that the person has upset me then what I am really doing is giving that person power over me, which I don’t want to do. I have a free will and thus I have the choice to stay in my power or give it away to somebody else, no matter who, partner, children, parents, colleagues, governments etc.

When you look at Mirjana Power, who do you see? There is many different ways to describe my 3D presence as I call it – from looks over traits to energy = a product of my upbringing, my conditioning and my programming. Remove the 3D shell and who are you left with: a pure being of love and light :) Every single one of us is a product of our conditioning and programing and every single one us is pure love and light inside. We can choose to stay with the program or we can chose to move into our love and light presence. It’s our free will! And that’s how we can also look at everyone else.

Another aspect of the free will that I noticed is – that people often choose not to exercise it. People choose not to step into their power. Usually what they are held back by is: fear! Haven’t we had many discussions about fear :)

At the last circle we had a chat about chemtrails. It’s difficult to believe that they exist. Yet the next day I could send out a message: look up, it’s happening right now! Don’t believe what I am saying! Use your free will to do your own research and find out what is really going on in this world. Find out what chemtrails are and what they do! Who are the illuminati? Who is controlling our world and creating all the fear to keep everyone out of power?  What outer shells are we being shown all the time, but what is really inside that shell?

Remember, my truth might not be your truth! However, I would like to encourage you to use your free will, to be in your power and to find out the truth! As will I :)

Meanwhile I am looking forward to my next course with Salvatore “Empower yourself – create your own reality” and overcome your fears, where we’ll tackle all those perceptions…

Stop giving away your power!

Love and light and hugs

Mirjana Power

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