The time to make a change is NOW!

My dear readers,

We are definitely in the year of the horse! All I can say is that it is flying by and everything is happening so fast. On top of that the next two weeks (when I am on holidays – lol!) are opening up a rare opportunity to heal, clear, let go and create even faster due to the so called grand cross constellation occurring this month. Many even believe that something big (good or bad) might happen during that period. Fingers crossed it will be something good if it is happening!

March was a rather intense month for me as the universe decided to put me on a speed track and help me through a big shift. I was also reminded to remember my origins and why I have incarnated. So many of us have volunteered to incarnate and help Mother Earth and humanity to achieve a big shift. Yet, when we get here we forget, which is a bummer, to say the least. It takes time and effort to remember our purpose and most of all free will. Deep underneath our fears and our conditioning lie our memories, waiting to be accessed again so we can complete our purpose. But often we don’t even want to know our purpose. It might be easier to stay in the “dark” instead of stepping into our light and power.

During this “speeding up” process my focus shifted more and more on to the duality that we are all exposed to. There is the duality between illusion and reality, but there is also another duality and gap that is growing constantly between rich and poor. As I have shifted in and out of the 4th-5th dimension over the past year – and thus gone beyond the veil – I understood that we truly are one. How to explain to people that the reality is actually unconditional love for everyone? How to explain to people that when you are in the 5th dimension there is no difference between the love for your partner or children and the love for a homeless person or a stranger on the street? There is no rich or poor, there is no fear, there is no pain – there is only unconditional love.
It is something many of us can not even imagine and yet it is what we all will get to – some sooner and some later. It depends on our free will. The more ready we are to let go, forgive, lose our fears and decide to remember our connection to the source, the faster we will get there. The more resistance we put up and the more we hang on to the illusion of our 3D existence the longer it will take to shift and the less positive change will happen not just within ourselves but on planet Earth. So, remember your purpose, remember your light and start making positive changes in your life for yourself and for Mother Earth and her inhabitants :)  

I have come to understand that if you look for the root cause of many challenges in our life you always end up with fear – even ego has fear as the root cause. Together with Salvatore I have created a new course: Empower yourself and create your new reality
The aim of this course is to

  • help overcome fears
  • empower  – as we have given away our power to the government, teachers, masters, gurus etc,
  • self-attune and self-heal –  You have everything inside you that you need for healing! Reawaken your connection to the source.
  • offer tools for positive thinking and understand that you create and shape your own reality - all that is keeping us from creating positive change in our life is our conditioning and programming.

The first class will be held on May 10-11 in Zurich.

There will be a second module – for people who are interested in learning to work as a channel for the light, the source, the universal life force and thus help people move forward on their path when they are stuck and when they need a bit of help with their healing and clearing process. I also want to reach those people in our society who struggle most – single moms, abused women, low income families and so on. The purpose is that we stop this separation and duality.

We have decided to ask for a suggested donation of CHF360 for a two day course – you are more than welcome to donate more as well if you feel like supporting our work! Participants who can not afford that amount, can donate less. Participants who have no financial means can attend for free.

Salvatore and I will take this course global. We will be travelling to different places to teach these courses. We are also encouraging people to come to Zurich for those courses. As it might be quite an expense to come here we have the following vision:
At the moment I have some space to accommodate a few course participants from abroad in my own home. If I need more space I will ask for volunteers who would be happy to accommodate people in their homes. A floor and a mattress or sleeping bag might be all that is needed. That same way Salvatore and I will be looking for somebody to host us in their hometowns when we come to run a class as that immediately reduces our costs.

If you are looking for a  meditation that helps with fear, then this is a good one:

My aim is also to create a class for children and a separate one for teenagers.

I have also created a “circle of love and light”.
What do we do at the circle: share with the participants that there are many different forms of healing. Hands-on healing is only one. It is meant as a forum that brings people together to exchange their experiences, share their ideas and knowledge, healing techniques and help each other in whatever way we can on our path.

Volunteer networks / Think tank:
Another idea in the making is the volunteer network. It would also be great to set up a sort of “think tank” group to come up with ideas, suggestions and actions to help bring positive change and create volunteer networks etc. Let me know if you are interested in participating in whatever way you can.

We are looking to create a pool of volunteers/volunteer networks: coaching, giving healing, giving advice on nutrition, psychologists, people with medical background etc., giving hugs, yoga, just giving your time to listen to someone – sometimes all people need is to be heard – they don’t even need advice or guidance – just have somebody they can talk to.

We are looking for people who are happy to give some of their time and share some of their knowledge without expecting anything in return.
Some people have offered to volunteer already and as we go forward I am sure more people will be happy to volunteer or set up a volunteer network. So please, anyone who would like to volunteer or can help in any way, let me know!

The most important focus is: spreading and sharing love and light. 

Free talks:
I would also like to organise free talks and invite people to share their knowledge and ideas, healing techniques, experiences etc.

I would like to create a new website with all the above information and much more. If anyone would like to help with that or run it completely, let me know!

Finally I have understood the term “volunteer” (from Dolores Cannon). I have understood why I have met all those “volunteers” in my classes and in my life. You have incarnated during this important time to volunteer and help spread your love and light and thus help with the big shift!

At the end I would also like to share Sarah Shepherd’s and Luke Alvisi’s websites (read Luke’s story – it sounded so familiar). I have worked quite a bit with both of them over the past months and really enjoyed it! I can really recommend their work and their energies. If there is one attunement that I can recommend then it is: the violet light star of power on Sarah’s website. It gives you what you need right now. What a powerful attunement/intention! and For me an attunement is an intention. If somebody else gives it then the person just channels extra energy which can make it more powerful. That is how I define an attunement.

If you want to go fast, go alone
If you want to go far, go together (African Proverb)

We can only achieve this as a collective energy!
Be the love and light and change you have come here to be!
Stop focusing on the outside, start focusing on the inside.
Stop asking what the world can do for you! Ask yourself what you can do for Mother Earth and for others!
We are in the Aquarian age. The new paradigm is: we – the collective! 

My vision is to create a community of love and light and positive change! Join me! 

Love and light and hugs

Mirjana Power

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