My good-bye to Usui Reiki

My dear friends,

As you all know I have always enjoyed teaching Reiki and that will never change. However, over the past year and months in particular I was going through a transformation process. The universe asked me to let go of what no longer serves my highest purpose.

You know that I have always seen myself as a “liberal master” as certain things just did not resonate with me in the Usui Reiki teachings. Putting the focus on Usui and the lineage did not make any sense to me when really the focus should be on the universal life force. Asking left-handed people to use their right hand for the symbols also doesn’t make sense to me. Over time I started to disagree with the hierarchy of Usui Reiki and also with the title “master” itself and its meaning. I concluded that everyone is a master – a master of their own life. The only being that I believe has the wisdom, experience and knowledge to certify whether or not we have reached enlightened masterhood is the source. However, for this there is no certificate.

It took a while to figure out that the people who I attracted to my courses are Starseeds. We can also call them volunteers. You have volunteered to come here during this important time to help us with building a foundation for the ascension. I came to understand that many of my Reiki 1 students are way ahead of some Reiki masters who might have been teaching Reiki for 20 years. You don’t need a certificate that tells you that you have completed your levels of Usui Reiki.
If you accessed your memories you would all understand the vast knowledge that you already have and that’s buried underneath your fears and your conditioning and programming! However, we forget and through the conditioning and programming that we are exposed to, we believe that only a certificate and a course can validate our existence and knowledge. Quite the opposite is the case. It is time to leave this 3D illusion behind.

Every single one of us is on a path. We decide how fast or slow we progress on that path, how open we are or how much resistance we put up, hence we move faster or we take it step by step.

Usui attuned himself and yet we have been made to believe that only a Reiki Master can attune you. I was told that if I changed anything in the attunement process or allow left-handed people to use their left hand then I am changing the energy of the lineage. But we don’t know how many people in that lineage might have changed things already? Do we? And why is it so worrying if we changed the energy of the lineage, when really, the energy is moving, ever evolving and creating and not dependent on people?

I could no longer agree with this separation and hierarchy that Usui Reiki has created and the ego but also the expectations that often grow with it. Unfortunately, the healing community has also lost sight of what is reasonable to charge for courses and sessions and at times I am left speechless with what “masters and gurus” etc. charge and often they will tell you: you get what you pay for. My experience is quite the opposite. And also: can everyone afford those course fees? Aren’t they separating again? Only those ones who can afford it, can do the courses, the different levels, get the certificates and titles. What about those people who do not have the means for such expensive courses? Are they not entitled to attunements and healing?

I can no longer support it to make people believe that they don’t have the power to reconnect to the source and that they need a master for that and that somebody else is more ready to be a master than they are. We are all born with that connection. We never lose it. We have been created with it, we have brought it into this incarnation and when we leave this body, we will continue to have it.

If you take Kundalini Reiki for example you attune yourself – the “master” just holds the space. It was so powerful that I stopped using it because I feared the detox effects that I could cause.

Salvatore and I are developing new courses – the first one is planned in April. The purpose of the courses:

  • Self-healing, self attunement and transformation
  • overcoming our fears – which keep us from shifting and hold us back
  • empowering people – understand that you have a free will and you have the power to be the love and light that you have come to be here – you don’t need a certificate for that.

We are planning to take this course global.

The second module will focus on teaching healing and working as energy channel to help others move forward when they are stuck on their path.

The aim is that people go on to teach such courses themselves when they feel ready for that and create that course in whatever way they want. We are just giving an idea but it is important to empower people and help them lose their fears. We can only shift into the 4th and 5th dimension when we have overcome our fears.

Through the circle of love and light we will continue to give guidance and ideas and share our experiences. Participants are encouraged to start running their own circles. I will always be around for any help or guidance you need but as I often say: it takes a village to raise a child. So I believe one person alone cannot be your master and for me there is only one master: the source, the light, the universal life force, mother/father creator, god – call it what you like. Everybody else is a messenger, a soul in a 3D incarnation and an energy channel. As long as you stay connected to the source and trust its guidance you’ll be fine on your path.

More events will be organized for people to come together and share, support each other, laugh and dance with each other and recognize the beautiful light in each other.

I no longer charge fees for my healing sessions but the idea are donations.
The guidance for our courses is the same: donations – we haven’t worked out yet how – whether there is a suggested amount – as I know it can be awkward for people to decide what to donate for a course. Those people who cannot donate can attend for free. The source will provide and guide…

We have to unite and come together as a collective energy and entity. We can no longer separate, disempower others and ourselves or allow our egos to grow. In my next newsletter I will share where we are heading.

I hope you understand my decision. It has become very clear to me that this is my path. Please also note that I am not stopping to teach Reiki – as for me Reiki is the connection to the source and the universal life force itself. My heart no longer allows me to teach Usui Reiki. I am not a Reiki Master. I am just somebody who shares her experiences and tries to help people on their own path – in whatever way I can.

Looking forward to seeing you at our new courses, the circle, for a cup of tea/coffee, or just for a chat.

Love and light and hugs


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