Newsletter February 2014

Lose your fears and allow the transformation to happen!

My dear readers,
I hope you all had a great start in the New Year.

2014 has continued to be as turbulent as 2013 – until now. There were times when I felt this clearing out is just getting on top of me but as always I trusted and trusted that it all is to my highest good. And as always it was. If you would like to follow a good preview of the planetary constellations and the effects it has on us and what it pushes us to do, then check out Tom Lescher’s reports:

I can tell you from experience – he is spot on! At times it was such a relief to hear his reports and go: phew, there is a reason for this mess!
So let’s look at 2014. We are all going through a sort of transformation. Especially if you are a lightworker or if you have “awakened”, the universe will push you to get to the core of your heart, to the core of your I AM presence and it will push you to understand and connect to your true essence. Last year I had the privilege to experience what it feels like to be connected to my true essence and ever since I have been working on completely moving into being my true essence. It has not been easy, because like everyone else I have gone through conditioning and programming and to peel off all those layers takes time. However, it is happening more often now :)
What are the main challenges that we need to overcome to connect to our true essence: being human! No kidding :) Of  course we are human! Why else would we live on Planet Earth! But what are the biggest challenges of being human? Ego and fear.
Can you think of anything else that holds you back more than fear? Yet, fear is an illusion. So how can we say it is an illusion when we can actually feel it. But can we? Or do we just believe that we can feel it and experience it? We are all born without fear. A baby knows no fear. Yet we all have fears? Because throughout our whole live we have been conditioned to fear. We have been conditioned to fear pain: if you jump of there, you will hurt yourself. If you do this or that, you’ll hurt yourself. You don’t want to hurt yourself, do you?
As parents we don’t allow our kids to take any risks – because they could hurt themselves. We project our fears on to them. They grow up with the same fears that we have and often even more. How can somebody fear spiders? A tiny little creature – especially compared to us humans. Children find them exciting and are curious about them yet by the time they are adults they freak out when they see a tiny spider? What happened to the child in you?
We have been conditioned to fear being without a job. Of course it is not easy to be without a job, especially if we have a family to support, a mortgage to pay off and just be able to live a “normal” live. However, ask yourself how often that fear holds you back from leaving a job that you hate while something much more fulfilling could be waiting for you?
Our relationships: goodness me! How often do we fear losing our partners. How often do we hold on to them for dear life, because we fear being alone or we fear we won’t find somebody else who will love us. Yet, we might be unhappy in our relationship. How often do we believe that we could not live without our partner?
We even fear to connect to our true essence. Why? Because we fear the change that the inner knowing will bring. We fear stepping into our power – as it is much easier to hide and pretend not to know what our purpose is and why we have incarnated. We might have to let go of so many things we hold on to – because of our fears.
How many of us fear change? So much fear! What the universe will push you to do this year is: overcome your fears. When you overcome your fears you are suddenly able to access your inner knowing, you trust, you connect to your true essence. When you connect to your true essence you no longer feel fear, you no longer feel pain or anger. All you feel is unconditional love.
Ask yourself: What would you do if you knew you could not fail? 
Would you still be in the same job? Would you still be in the same relationship? Would you take that trip around the world? Would you start that new business? Would you step into your own power?

Most of us live either in the past or in the future. How many of us live in the Now? How many of us enjoy the present moment? We don’t take time to enjoy the present moment, the Now. Worse, we fear it.

We can no longer live in the past or in the future. We can no longer allow our fears to hold us back! The universe is asking us and pushing us to take action now!

Connect to your true essence
Remember your connection to the source 
Fulfill your purpose

Start losing your fears. Pick up that little spider or give it a wave the next time you see it. Take small steps! You don’t have to jump into the sea immediately. But if you keep staying on the safe shore, you will never learn to swim…

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Step into your own power! Now!

I AM true essence. I AM unconditional love. I AM light.

Love and light


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