Primary Healing Newsletter December

Surrender and embrace change 

My dear Reiki friends,

What an amazing year it has been! If you had spoken to me during the year I would have told you what a painful year it was and yet I believe it was an absolute amazing year because of all the pain that I experienced. How mad does that sound to you? How can somebody experience pain and yet have the feeling it was amazing. Because the pain brought so many learnings and shifts and so much love and light and clarity. Of course I had lots of truly beautiful experiences as well which contributed to the amazing year. I have met so many incredible light beings over the year and I am so grateful that they have crossed my path. Every single person who meets me has a message for me. Sometimes I understand it straight away and sometimes I am a bit slow but eventually I do have the “aha moment”.

I have had this strong feeling over the past weeks that big changes are ahead in 2014, not just in my life but on a bigger scale. For the first time in my life I am looking forward to change and I feel ready for it. Often we fear change because we don’t know what it might bring. We feel much better in our comfort zone. What if the change brings difficulties, sadness, unhappiness, loneliness? Is is not better to keep the status quo – even if we are not truly happy with it but at least we know it in the sense “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know”. Is it not amazing how we have been conditioned to fear change? Because if you hear that saying throughout your whole life how can you feel good about change? Only something scarier can wait around the corner.

What if change meant things like: a new and better life filled with love and light. A life where you feel you are living your dreams, you are enjoying life with whatever it brings. Would you not want to experience that change then? So why don’t you embrace it then? Stop fearing it! I made this big move from Singapore to Zurich. What an undertaking! How long has it taken to settle in Zurich? How long has it taken to feel at home? How often was I ready to pack my bags again because I did not feel happy here? Have I made the right decision for me and my family? Despite all of those difficult challenges I can say: yes I have made the right decision. Yes, this change was necessary and meant to happen. All I did was – I surrendered in the end and trusted that the universe put me where I am meant to be at the moment. I have learned so much this year and I have had such amazing shifts that it was truly worth the move. Of course I would have made other experiences had I stayed in Singapore but can I say they would have brought so much learning from pain and happiness? Who knows?

2014 is going to be another amazing year. I have no doubts about that. From a numerology perspective we are moving into the year number 7 which is the so called universal year. The number 7 represents the question of “who am I” within, on a higher level. It is about our place in the world, our life purpose, reflection, finding the way to our inner self. Put that on a global perspective – not just on an individual one and I feel that we will be seeing lots of awakenings in the next year – in many different ways and on many different levels.

As this sentence has really been with me over the past month and although I shared it in my last newsletter I would like to repeat it again, because I would really like to encourage you to surrender and embrace change, not to fear it and not fear any pain that it might bring. Yes, change can mean pain too but only so we can transform it into a learning that will help us understand and progress on our path.

On your earth life journey, one of the bravest things you can do is to open your heart to the vulnerability that really feeling everything brings; to be without fear, and to go forward with courage into change and total openness. 

I have discovered that when I apply that sentence I gain so much more clarity and relief. When I allow myself to actually feel the pain. Try it out! Don’t fear it!

For my Zurich friends and students I would like to share that I will be running my classes from now on in my own space. It is not furnished yet and that’s also why I have no dates for classes in January yet but hopefully soon…

For all of you who are celebrating Christmas I would like to wish you a Merry and Happy Christmas.

May 2014 bring all those changes into your life that you need for your path. Surrender and embrace them! 

Wishing you lots of love and light for the coming New Year! 


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