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A Reiki satellite whose energy flows into your heart (inspired by Anna S. Power)

My dear Reiki friends,

Recently I held a Reiki 1 course. That weekend my daughter was sick and when I came home after the course she showed me a drawing she had made for me and she explained it to me: If there was a Reiki satellite it would have energy that flows down from the satellite. Then she pointed out the center of the picture to me. This is the heart and that energy tells you to go and look inside your heart.
I was so so amazed. My children have always been my teachers and when they share their wisdom they leave me in awe and with the feeling of gratefulness that they have chosen to incarnate into our family and help me learn but also help bring positive change to the world.

So what my daughter was drawing and explaining was nothing else but her understanding of our connection to the source. There is a Reiki “satellite” = the source – and energy flows from it into our hearts. That energy is all around us, which scientists confirm too. If you look for example at some of Albert Einstein’s quotes, you will realize how much he was aware and connected to that energy and the source.
The love and light and energy that flows from that Reiki satellite/source into our hearts tells us to sit in our heart, to look inside our heart, to truly give from our heart and to fully live in and from our heart. Yet, so many clients and students come to me and their heart chakras are weak or even blocked. As you remember, from the moment we are born we are being conditioned by our parents and relatives, then by our teachers, our friends, the school environment, church of course, our professors if we have gone to university, our boss, our colleagues and of course our partners. Can you imagine the amount of conditioning you have been through by the time you are an adult and it continues to happen throughout adulthood? The amount of advertisements out there trying to make us believe we need to be the slimmest and youngest looking individual who drives the most expensive car and wears the most exquisite and of course expensive clothes! And if we don’t achieve and follow all of that then we are complete losers.

It is no surprise that our heart chakras start closing down and our heart fears to give or receive love. But once you realize it is all down to conditioning and part of your path to open your heart to truly give and receive love again, you will start peeling off those protective layers around it much faster.

In the book “To Andromeda and beyond” I found a sentence that stuck with me and that I love to quote over and over again as I believe it is so so powerful:

On your earth life journey, one of the bravest things you can do is to open your heart to the vulnerability that really feeling everything brings; to be without fear, and to go forward with courage into change and total openness.

When people attend a Reiki 1 class, the first attunement that they receive is a heart attunement – opening up the heart chakra. When students attend a 3a class they learn how to give a heart attunement and throughout the course they practice it over and over again. That is the reason, why a 3a class often can bring a bigger shift. Imagine the focus and intent of giving your heart love and light over and over again…

All our chakras have a specific purpose and function in our body but for me the heart chakra is the most important one. It connects the upper 3 chakras (throat, 3rd eye and crown) with the lower 3 chakras (solar plexus, sacral and root). It is the center. We often believe that for our connection to the source and to the energy, the crown chakra is the most important one. Often people visualize energy flowing from above through the crown chakra and through their body into their hands (which are connected to the heart chakra) and onwards from there. A beautiful vision.
For me the connection to the source is from the heart. When I give Reiki I don’t visualize anything. I trust that I am always connected to the source and that the moment I put my hands on somebody the energy will flow anyway, especially as my focus and intention is to give loving and healing energy/light.

When clients and students do an aura/chakra scan they often wonder why their crown chakra graph tends to show a lower percentage. I am never too concerned about the graph for the crown chakra. My concern lies more with the other chakras and in particular with the heart chakra. If that is healthy, then the connection to the source is flowing too, no matter what that graph shows.

This year has a brought a massive learning curve for me. From a numerology perspective I was in the year number 7. What a magical number! However, what does 7 stand for? It stands for getting down to the bottom of your spirituality and going inside. That has happened to me this year. I feel I have made such progress on my spiritual path this year and I have learnt so many – at times painful – lessons but it has helped me shed layers to get closer to the core of my heart and my light being. It has brought me closer to the source and I feel it has strenghtened my connection to the source. Of course, I am no way near enlightenment but do we really need to reach that stage? And how do we define enlightenment? I have reached a stage of peace where I understand my path much more and where I understand why I am going through painful lessons and what I am meant to learn from that. A year ago my head, my solar plexus and my heart would have rebelled. I would have asked constantly: Why? Why did this person hurt me? That’s not a nice person. How can people be like that? Now I know and understand it: so I can learn and peel another layer off. I can still feel hurt but also grateful that by being hurt I was actually allowed to experience that feeling and learn something from it. Remember the above sentence “to open your heart to the vulnerability that really feeling everything brings”.

My last Reiki 2 class with 7 people attending (there you go – magic again…) has allowed me to once again to shift into the state of unconditional love. The group created so much warmth, love and light and care for each other although some of them had just met. It was a beautiful experience. I always feel very grateful for being allowed to be part of such a reunion of love and light.

You might wonder – well, as a Reiki master/teacher, are you not always in that state? May I remind you, that indeed like everyone else I am a beautiful light being, and like everyone else I am human too, so I have to peel off those protective layers around my heart as well. It appears though that I am getting closer to the core, as now and then I am allowed to experience the feeling of “unconditional love”. That feeling of unconditional love is how I could imagine a state of “enlightenment”. Feeling, experiencing, receiving and giving unconditional love – then you no longer question why, why me, how, who etc. – you just understand and feel love. You attach no condition to being loved and you attach no condition to giving love.

When I experience those states of “unconditional love” (still rare, but it’s happened a few times now) I truly, truly feel unconditional love for everyone. Now, ask yourself, how often can you say that you feel unconditional love for somebody else? We would usually start with our children, if we have any, as we usually don’t put conditions on our love for them. But even they might not be entirely safe. “If you don’t get straight “As” you are not my son/daugther. Sounds harsh, but there are parents our there, who believe that their children are only worth something and worth being loved if those children have achieved something or are somehow “better” than the rest of the world.

Some of you might say: my partner. I truly love him/her unconditionally. Do you really? Or are there conditions attached? If you don’t hug me, I can’t love you. If you don’t tell me “I love you” every day, then I am not sure you really love me. If you don’t buy me presents for every birthday or anniversary, then you don’t love me, if you don’t stop squeezing out the tooth paste from the middle of the tube instead of the bottom of the tube then you don’t love me (get one tube each!) and I guess I could continue here… We put a condition on love.

And lets not get started on our parents or in-laws. And yet we do love all of them, but often we attach a condition to giving that love. And my goodness, if there is anyone in our life, who has hurt us, then we can no longer love that person, because they have hurt us. At least that’s what we believe and that’s what we have been conditioned to believe.

The other day my 6-year-old daughter walked hand in hand to the swimming pool with a girl from her class who is never nice to her. It made no sense to me and I asked her about it.  My daughter’s answer was: Isn’t it good that I spend time with her and I give her my love so she might become nicer again? Mind blowing. A six year old is not running away from “being hurt” and from somebody who is never nice to her but sees it as an opportunity to embrace her and give her love.

I wonder how many people say “I love you” regularly to their partners, their kids, their parents or their friends. You know, from time to time it is really nice to hear those words. The next question is, can we go beyond our family and tell our friends that we love them? I actually do that even with my friends. I tell them “I love you” and I truly mean it. Perhaps they don’t even need to hear it because they know it anyway. Perhaps they enjoy hearing it because they don’t hear it from anyone else or because it is just a nice feeling and it warms our heart when somebody tells us I love you.

Please also keep in mind: loving somebody uncoditionally does not mean allowing the other person to treat us disrespectfully and if you yourself truly feel unconditional love it would never occur to you to treat somebody else without respect. The minimum any relationship demands with a partner, friend or family is: respect. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Even my children now that.  Also, treat yourself with the same respect and love!

Whenever you struggle with somebody else and their behaviour then remember: the other person is you.”
It took me a long time to apply that sentence. I do not remember whom it is from, but it gives a rather rather powerful opportunity to heal and understand and reach unconditional love.

When we move into that state of “unconditional love” then we lose our fears. The fear of somebody interpreting our words wrongly – if we say “I love you” to a friend for example, the fear of how to get dinner on the table, the fear of believing we are only worth something if we wear a certain brand of clothes, the fear of losing someone close to our heart.
All I can say is: with unconditional love we experience love for everyone the same way, without conditions and without fears.

I agree, it is a long path and not easy to get there – especially with our human conditioning, but it is possible.

I am sure everyone has somebody in his or her life who they can say to “I love you” today: partner, friend, parent, child, pet or even a loved one who has passed away.

Thank you for being my regular readers, soul mates, friends, family and for inspiring me to write my newsletters. I really really appreciate that. I can only write down my experiences when you have allowed me to make them – good or painful. They are all part of my journey.

Perhaps for you enlightenment is something else? Perhaps you define it differently? Who says that my definition must resonate with you or that you can agree with it? You don’t have to. You have your own learning path and you might see things completely different. Your opinion is as valuable and valid as is mine or somebody else’s. All I am asking you to do is to allow the love and light and energy of the “Reiki satellite” into your heart and:

to open your heart to the vulnerability that really feeling everything brings; to be without fear, and to go forward with courage into change and total openness. 

Love and light


2 book recommendations: 
E squared - by Pam Grout
The biology of belief - by Bruce H. Lipton

Music recommendation: 
Union – Gurunam Singh

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