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You have a choice

My dear Reiki friends,

Over the past few months I have been going through some challenges on my learning path. One topic that keeps reocurring for me is: to let go and to just be. Last night I went to bed asking my spirit guides to help me get to the bottom of this and help me heal where I need healing. This morning I woke up with a feeling of peace.
I always tell my students: you have a choice. Recently somebody asked me: Do you practice what you preach? And I said: Yes, I do, but sometimes it takes time to fully live what I preach. I also tell my students that I am no different than they are. I have my own issues and my own learning path – I just might be more experienced and happen to teach about my experiences and what I have learned so far.

So this morning I had to remind myself: I have a choice! Whatever I want to do in my life, whatever belief systems I want to follow, wherever I want to live – I have a choice. The difficult piece for me is always the “letting go” of the old and being fearful of the unknown. Why? When I meditated the other day a message kept coming through: always remember the light! And that is truly the answer. Why do I need to fear the unknown when no matter where I am and what I do the light is always with me. The connection only gets loose when I forget that the light is always with me – never because the light might have left me. It is always around us but our fears, our worries and our ego etc makes us believe that we are alone.  We are never alone as long as we fully trust that the light is with us and within us and once you feel and believe that, you will reach a state of peace.

From a numerology perspective I am a number 1 – which usually is referred to as the creator. Like every number it brings along some beautiful characteristics but also some challenging ones. Yes I do often feel the need to “create” but I also often feel like just “being” where I am, yet there is always change in my life and I don’t like change! It often feels like I constantly have to start over and over again – but that’s all part of my path and my number 1. And again: I have a choice. I can constantly fight those changes and try to stay where I am or I can try and accept the flow.

You might ask now: But how do I know what the right choice is? Ask yourself: Is there any right or wrong choice or decision? Whatever you choose will bring an experience. If you end up with a tough experience then your choice was to go through that one – even if you don’t want to believe it at the moment. The choice was to learn something from that experience. At the same time ask yourself: Why am I not letting go? Because it is something very difficult to do.  Because it raises our fears in us. Because we are afraid of making the wrong decision.

Also ask yourself why you should let go and is there any need to let go? Sometimes we should “just be” but we are never satisfied or happy with who we are and what we have and we always want to let go because we always think that the gras is greener on the other side. I know that at times it is tricky – to know when to let go or to just be. Very often though it would help to switch off that voice in our head and listened to the voice in our heart. Feel in your heart what would make you feel peaceful and happy. Don’t let the head decide because the head will always attempt to make you believe that you are not in the right place (and you actually might not be in the right place!) but the heart will tell you: “it is time to let go and move on” or “accept that you are in the right place”.
Whatever your issues are at the moment – sit with them. Meditate if you can, chant if that helps, move to your heart and ask yourself: What would have to happen for me to feel at peace? Continue to ask yourself: if that happened, would I really feel at peace? Or is it just an escape to not deal with your current situation? Every such escape will just delay the inevitable: that you deal with your learning and life path. That you realize that you have a choice with everything in life – a choice to make your life better or more miserable, a choice to be at peace or to jump around like Rumpelstiltsken, a choice to be who you truly are – a unique light being – or to pretend to be someone else to please the world around you. You have a choice!

So when you go to bed tonight call in your spirit guides and ask them to help you with solutions in your life, to help you trust that you are not alone and that the light is always with you and will help you make decisions.
Always remember: You can ask for help – from the source, your spirit guides, angels or friends and family. You are never alone and you have a choice!

May the light be with you

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