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The importance of collective energy

My dear Reiki friends,

I hope the summer is going well for everyone (I know for some it is winter!). I am spending some time in Ireland and the forecast for the whole week is rain. So feel free to send some sunshine my way!

Over the past months I became more and more aware of how wonderful and necessary collective energy is and it reminded me of a movie. I do not go to the cinema very often and I don’t watch many movies. Yet a few years ago I watched an amazing movie that inspired me. Avatar. My husband asked me after the movie: What would you call that movie? My answer was: a documentary.  For a start the message that came through for me was: reconnect with mother earth. Around the time I watched the movie, the oil spill in Mexico was an important topic.  I met a lady who organized a circle to gather our energies for mother earth. I was very upset at the time and felt strongly that mother earth needed our help.  Now, I still connect regularly with mother earth. Whenever I need help with grounding, whether it is for myself or somebody else I call on mother earth, Gaia. If you need help with grounding call on Gaia, visualize roots growing from your feet all the way to the core of the earth where mother earth holds those roots and grounds you.  Every time you meditate and ask for healing for yourself and others also ask for healing for Gaia. Our society still exploits and mistreats mother earth in so many different ways. Connect with her and send healing.

The second aspect of Avatar that I found absolutely amazing was the collective energy. I will never forget the scene at the end where all the avatars came together, sat down and connected their energies. It was so powerful and it taught us how important collective energy is and what we can achieve together. I would have just loved to join in!  I told you – it was a documentary.
In March I had a past life regression / channeling session. I was told at the time that I needed to meet with 2 other individuals to bring our energies together. The message was clear: the collective energy is important. Since then I have come to realize that the collective energy is even more important on a much bigger scale.  As a Reiki teacher I bring students together for classes but also continue to do so at our Reiki shares. It is a type of a healing circle for Reiki newbies as well as more advanced Reiki practitioners to come together and exchange Reiki. Anyone with Reiki can join our Reiki shares. It also is a meeting point for collective energy. By gathering all those beautiful light beings (avatars) who exchange healing we create more beautiful and healing energy and thus help raise our vibrations and also contribute to raising mother earth’s vibration, which increases the positive energy on our planet.
I encourage you to join Reiki shares in your hometowns if you are not doing so already. If you do not know of any, then check out the internet and different forums to find out if there are any nearby. You can also create your own shares. Be a creator! Even if it is just with another person in the beginning your circle may grow over time and your collective energy will contribute to raising the vibration of mother earth, which at this time is very important. At the end of every Reiki share we form a so called manifestation circle and everyone manifests something for the next month. If you do it in January you can also manifest it for the year. You can put into that circle (manifest) any positive change you would like to ask for – it can be healing (for you or other people), moving house/school/job, finding the love of your life, you can ask to give and receive unconditional love or ask for release of fears or whatever holds you back in life. You can choose what to ask for – as long as it is positive! The collective energy increases the manifestation power.

For my Reiki friends in Zürich – remember we meet on August 26 again to bring together our collective energy! The dates for upcoming Reiki classes can be found on !

If you would like to know why it is so important to raise our vibrations and the vibration of Gaia please read below. It resonated with me so I would like to share it. Again, our collective energy is important to strengthen the crystalline grid mentioned in this article!

If you haven’t watched Avatar, then please do. I can highly recommend it! This comes from a very selective and choosy movie person! My vision is that one day all the “avatars” living on this planet will connect their energies and it will be one powerful and amazing experience! To all my readers around the globe: Become that avatar and that link that we need to connect all our energies around mother earth!

Love and light


Music recommendation
If you would like a more jazzy approach to mantras listen to Krishna Kaur’s “Oh my foolish mind”

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2 Responses to Newsletter August

  1. Pure One says:

    I found this article you posted a while back. In addition to the overall ascension work that individuals did, in the comments was discussion of the work INDIVIDUALS did to neutralize “3D timeline destructive forces” last year at about this same time. I was involved with that myself.

    I was NOT involved with this latest neutralization. Why? Because I was not needed. HUMANS who are NOT at the level I (and others who did this neutralization work last year) am at are now able to do these things.

    To me, these are NOT really stories of the importance of collective energy, but of the importance OF THE INDIVIDUAL. Humans who do this type of work are ABLE to do it because they have done their own HEALING work (something that should be very near and dear to you). They have made themselves available for this work by preparing themselves.

    Now, how that affects the collective THE MOST is by setting a good example. Yes, ones who do this work are helping the collective on an energetic AND physical level. No doubt. But, they / we empower other humans by demonstrating what humans are capable of. The individuals involved do not wait for the collective to catch up to them. They forge ahead, because they know they can, because they’re not sure if and when the collective will reach these levels and someone has to do this. Someone has to get the job done. Almost everyone incarnate now came to do this work, but not all are up to speed. But those of us who are cannot wait back with the collective or perhaps none of us would still be here right now as these old timeline destructive forces may have done us all in.

    Here is a story I heard years ago that fits as an analogy here. This demonstrates the POWER OF ONE, and when I say ONE here, I mean the POWER OF THE INDIVIDUAL.

    There was a scenario set up where a room full of people were being tested on how they would respond when told an out and out lie and that the “collective” had bought into. Some of the people in the room were “in on” the test. Two circles were drawn on the board. Circle A was CLEARLY larger than circle B. They were asked which one was bigger. Those in the room who were “in on” the test said that B was larger. The test was – do the others go against the collective and have the courage to speak their truth.

    What was found was that many were scared to say anything, but once one person was courageous enough to speak their truth and say that A was larger, then that “gave permission” to others to also speak up and they did then.

    The power and the courage OF THE INDIVIDUAL is absolutely KEY in assisting the collective and EMPOWERING the collective. Like Marianne Williamson said in the attached quote (see below), we do not want to “play small.” It is up to each individual to do their work, their inner work FIRST and THAT is what enables them to assist a planet and collective of people. Remaining “attached” too closely to the collective holds back individuals and that doesn’t get the job done. Each individual must rise to their potential as soon as they possibly can BY DOING THEIR INNER WORK. THAT is what is and will continue to help this world.

  2. Pure One says:

    Oops, excuse me, the event reported on in the first link I provided was a couple years ago. My mistake. I’m so overjoyed that the higher realms are now reporting on such things that I missed some details.

    Nevertheless, everything I said still stands.

    And, those above the veil are finally realizing just how evolved and powerful some humans are and they are obviously willing to work with us to share that information in hopes of empowering others.

    Yes indeed, these are the kinds of things that HUMANS are capable of.
    “Have I not said ye are gods? You too shall do these and greater things.”