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Love and light, Reiki classes, Vegan Recipes and free music - read on!

My dearest Reiki friends,

The last months have brought a massive growth process and lots of change into my life. I, the one, who does not like change, am suddenly starting to embrace it with the power given by love and light. This morning I felt that I had to put a newsletter together and send it out to the world.
I have held several Reiki classes here so far and every single soul that has come to them has turned out to be truly powerful. Some are at the start of the awakening process but progressing really fast and others are so advanced that I just sit there in awe. Their energies are beautiful and powerful. They come to me to meet and connect with the souls that they need to connect with right now.  Sometimes all I do is hold the space for them. And of course I also show them how Reiki and the connection to the pure and divine energy and source is going to change their lives, as that is what we do with Reiki. We connect to the source, which helps us heal on all levels.

Just this week we had the most amazing Reiki share. Imagine eight powerful souls in one room. There was so much beauty and energy that it brought tears to people’s eyes.  We created so much love and light that evening! Thank you to everyone who came to share their beautiful energies.
I also met my two wonderful soul sisters and when our three souls and hearts connect it is like a fountain of light. What an experience!

The message for this newsletter is to let go of your fears and open your heart. Let go of your ego and share your love and light with everyone around you. This message comes from Sanada Christ and it was beautifully channelled through Fran Zepeda as you can read in this article:

Everything you do should come from your heart. If we truly want to help change this earth and increase the love and light on this planet we have to work from our hearts.
Every time you give, truly give from your heart. 
Every time you share, truly share from your heart. 
Every time you speak, truly speak from your heart. 

Do not ask what you will get in return for your giving. Give unconditional love and you will receive unconditional love.

One of my students explained to me that the Earth has many large crystals buried in the earth, some of the stone formations left behind also contain high degrees of quartz. If you put out good energy it is amplified by these natural amplifiers, quartz is abundant in this earth.  We are all working to raise the collective consciousness, which is amplified in this way, this in essence forms the grid.
I have used this explanation for my children. I always remind them that we need to feed those crystals with our love and light, especially when they are screaming at each other! They love the story. You too could do the same. Every time you shout in anger, lose your trust in the divine or let your ego take over remind yourself that you need to feed the crystals and that you need to spread love and light for you are here to help mankind raise to the next level.

I would also like to share my facebook page with you where I will be adding more and more messages in the future:

Love and light



Vegan recipes: A student of mine, Ana Ortega, has just published her book with Vegan recipes. You can buy it here:

Free music every Friday: You can sign up on to receive one free song to download every Friday. Soon you will have a collection of beautiful spiritual music!

If you are looking for a birthday present, a CD for chanting or just to relax, please have a look at the CD selection below or on my CDs can be picked up at my place in Zurich, Leimbach.

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