Newsletter December 2012

My dearest Reiki friends,

2012 has brought big changes into my life. After having spent  9 wonderful years in Singapore my family and I moved to Zurich in Switzerland. It was time to leave and start all over again, which was a big step to take for my family and me. I trusted that the universe was sending me to a new place to teach and share my knowledge about Reiki. In October I attended a Numerology course and it was fascinating to finally understand why throughout all my life I so often had to start all over again: It is in my numbers! At last I understood why it keeps happening and why I am not meant to stay in one place all my life. I would have not met all those new wonderful friends and students and I would have not made all those experiences thad made me grow more had I always stayed in one place.

You too might have experienced or witnessed big changes and shifts in your life or your friends’ and families’ life this year or even last year. Like in the year 1999 (move into the new millennium at the end of it) many relationships seem to have come to an end – especially those ones that had been together for many many years. I also felt that quite a lot of people were moving – for example leaving Singapore and shifting to different places. Job losses were also on the rise. For me it is a sign that a big shift is occurring in the universe. We are supposed to let go of what is no longer meant for us. Very often it is difficult to understand and accept that. It is difficult to trust the universe that something better or new is going to come. We hold on to the old patterns, toxic relationships and unhealthy habbits for the fear that we are worse off without them.
As the New Year is coming it is time to embrace the changes in your life and be open to themTrust that the universe will help when you ask for help and guidance. It will also help you make decisions and clear the clutter in your head when it gets too difficult. Just ask! Listen to your heart and to your intuition. Take some time to switch off that brain and sit in silence with calming music and believe that you can follow your inner voice. The time before Christmas is meant to be a time when we enjoy lighting candles, listening to Christmas songs, spending time with our family and eating lots of Christmas biscuits. Stop rushing around to try and find the perfect Christmas gifts. Christmas is not just about presents! Buy one present less and donate to people in need! Give back and share when the universe has blessed you with lots already :)

Aura Scan
In November I ran my first Reiki class in Zurich. It was a wonderful class as once again I had some amazing students and it was great to meet like minded people in a new city who share your love for Reiki. I tried out my new aura scanning system, which was a big hit amongst the students. We scanned the aura at the start of the class and again at the end (and many more times for fun during the 2 days) and it was great to see the changes that had occurred in chakras and auras. If you are interested in doing an aura/chakra scan (includes a soft copy report with 20 pages) please contact me at, visit my for more information or join a Reiki class.

Reiki classes: 
The schedule for upcoming Reiki classes is: 
January 19/20 – Reiki 1 in English, cost CHF350 (includes a manual,  Reiki CD, refreshments)
March 9/10 – Reiki 1 in German, cost CHF350 (includes a manual, Reiki CD, refreshments)
March 23/24 – Reiki 2 in English, cost CHF350 (includes a manual, refreshments)

I have decided to keep one space free in my classes for a participant who cannot afford to pay the costs. If you know anyone who is interested in attending a Reiki 1 class or would benefit from it and really does not have the financially means then please let me know:

Cost to sit in/repeat Reiki 1 or Reiki 2 is CHF150. If you intend to do a Reiki 2 class with me then I would appreciate if you could sit in my Reiki 1 class again.
To register please e-mail me at
All classes will be held in SilentPower in Altstetten, Zurich.

If you are still looking for a Christmas present please have a look at the CD selection below or on my  CDs can be picked up at my place in Zurich, Leimbach.  Snatam Kaur has also released a new album with Peter Kater (piano) called “Heart of the Universe”. Beautiful! My favourite song on it:  Carry me.

For everyone who is celebrating Christmas:

I wish you a peaceful and blessed 
filled with love and light!


I wish everyone a beautiful start in the New Year with lots of light, happiness and laughter! Embrace the changes and challenges and ask the universe for help and guidance! 

Mirjana Power

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