Aura Chakra Report

In March a student of mine took me to a new shop in the Siglap shopping centre (on the 2nd floor – take the escalator and it is on your left). I will have to be forever grateful for that. The shop is called The auraMATHERAPY SHOP and it is run by Selina and Vincent. Ever since I have been there I have sent Reiki friends and students there, took my kids there and told all other friends about it. If you have ever wanted to know what your aura looks like and how balanced (or not) your chakras are then you really have to visit this place. Selina has a wealth of knowledge and she will tell you where you are in life and what you need to look out for – which chakras need extra care and which chakras are doing quite well. Looking at the aura she can even tell you in what type of profession you are. The aura will also tell if you are perhaps meant to do something else… You also receive a folder with a 22 page report explaining the state of  your aura and chakras, so you can go home and read about it! The cost for this amazing (and possibly life changing) amount of information is SGD48. That includes 2 pictures – one of your aura, one of your chakras, a 22 page report and about half an hour consultation where the report is being explained to you. I say life changing because you might find out some information that was new to you (like I did with my daughter), you might hear that it is time to be brave enough to let go of old structures you are unhappy with and start listening to your heart!

You can also take your children there. It does not have to be just for you!

Go and check it out:

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