Aura Scan

The Aura Video Station is a computer system that provides an image of your aura and chakras through biofeedback. The Aura image that appears is a representation of the individual’s Bio-Energetic Field, Emotional Energetic State, Personality Type and Energetic Wellness. (Auch auf Deutsch erhältlich)

Everybody has a different aura and it tells us a lot about our personality. To list a few examples:

People with a red aura tend to be very energetic,  have a lot of willpower, are competitive, experience and enjoy life in the Here and Now and do everything to be successful and win.

On the other hand people with a green aura need a mind/body/spirit balance. They tend to be balanced, friendly and have a natural expression of the heart and find their balance in nature. People with green auras enjoy a life with peace and balance. They are very social and need to communicate and interact. For them harmony, expression and interaction is more important than being ambitious.

If we talk about indigo children and indigo personalities then they of course have an indigo aura. Indigos are very sensitive, honest and loyal and have very deep feelings. They have an inner knowing and follow their higher truth, unconditional love and inner guidance. They need meditation, soul-to-soul connections, spiritual workshops and to connect with the inner self. Indigos need the connection to God and the Higher-Self and they live love and spirituality on earth. They are here to serve others and to work as spiritual healers but also as musicians, artist or social workers.

Your Aura could also be orange or yellow or lavender or even white!

As we go through different stages in life our aura can change. Usually the base colour is more dominant and tends to stay but even that can change through experiences in our lives.

The scan also shows us the state of our chakras – if they are balanced or not. When certain chakras are not balanced (overactive or underactive) then we might experience emotional or even physical issues. Are the colours of the chakras strong enough or do we need to resolve issues connected to those chakras to make them stronger?

The Aura Video Station is a wonderful tool to get an image of our aura and chakras. For a scan please contact me at The scans are done in Zürich, Leimbach, which is 10 minutes from the Hauptbahnof on the S4 and 5 minutes walk from Leimbach Bahnhof (5 minutes drive from Sihlcity, also close to the motorway)

A scan includes the images of the aura and chakras as well as a 20 page report (soft copy).

Scan with 60mins consultation including 20 page report (soft copy): CHF288  Scan with 30mins consultation including 20 page report (soft copy) and 90mins healing session (120 mins total): CHF588

Aura Chakra Scan - Indigo Aura

Aura Chakra Scan – Indigo Aura


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