Slow down to stillness

Last summer I spent a lot of time on Mt. Shasta in California. The mountain had been calling me for the past 4 years and I finally I responded to the call. It was an incredible experience. Just being near the mountain or even looking at its majestic presence has a healing effect. I was constantly looking into other dimensions especially around the forest area. Sometimes I would journey with the Spirits of Mt. Shasta and the Lemurians who have a strong presence there. One of the messages that they gave me reminded me to practice more stillness, be patient and observe. The more I followed that guidance the more I could see and experience around me. I had not even imagined that a land area that has such a strong energy as Mt. Shasta could be hurting, yet it was. I felt the pain of the land by being still and observing what I was feeling. I gave some healing to the land.

We often keep ourselves so busy and fear being still and in the moment. What could transpire if we slowed down and became still? Maybe we would feel the depth of our existence? Maybe we would truly connect to ourselves and others? Why would we fear the stillness then? Could it be that stillness allows feelings to surface that we have been suppressing since childhood? What if we simply keep ourselves busy so we don’t have to deal with the pain, the hurt and the darkness that we have experienced in our life?

Christmas is for most people a busy period. I have detached from that craziness. I much more enjoy early morning walks along the lake or in the forest with my dog, especially weekends. I have always loved the stillness on a Sunday morning when hardly anybody else is out and about. The energy feels so still and calm.

During those moments of stillness I feel so connected and I always love experiencing it. Throughout the day thoughts start coming up and I have learned to question them and simply become the observer. Slow down the thoughts. Slow down your breath. Slow down your life. Observe. Be still. Trust. Connect. Detach from this “I”, from the absolute human existence, which is part of this experience and somewhat necessary but not compulsory. In the moments of trust and connection fear has no place, detachment occurs and presence arrives. It is a unique experience, that happens over and over again and yet it feels like it’s always there. This presence is truly always there but we get entangled in the human existence. I am forever grateful for that presence, for the knowing, the sensing, the letting go of fear and trusting. There is so much to see and feel and know, way beyond our imagination.  Overcoming the ego is one of the biggest hurdles and yet one of the most beautiful experiences arise when we surrender to source and to what is. I am blessed in so many ways and when I allow myself to simply be life starts to unfold in miraculous ways. Letting go of control, of controlling and being controlled. It is absolutely amazing how the universe works. 2017 has been an incredible year with a lot of challenges and yet I feel content with where I am. I keep reminding myself not to react to outside impulses but to what comes from within and that may be so different to what everyone tells me I should do. In fact, if ever I use  the word “should” then I know it is not what is meant to be. It is source who works through me, not the ego but the ego and the programs believe that they “should” do this and that.

Wishing you lots of stillness, feelings of connectedness and love and light!