Primary Healing

What is so unique about you is that I felt almost immediately that you can touch and feel one’s mind, heart and soul. Tomer, Israel

Healing occurs when we feel safe in a nurturing environment, where we can be ourselves and where a safe space is created for healing with compassion and an open heart.

I see you 

I hear you 

I feel you 

Depending upon the client’s request I offer different approaches and also combine them where necessary. We either combine different approaches or use either purely energy,  coaching or we work with coaching through different art mediums such as movement, drawing and writing based on the Tamalpa Life Arts® process developed by Daria and Anna Halprin.

I hold a safe space for you and assist you to go through your own transformation by using above mediums so you can  live your full potential and follow your heart. In addition I use my gifts and skills as an empath and feel where your body is out of balance or in pain. As an energy channel and intuitive I assist you in recognising and removing old programs and belief systems that are a constant block in your life.  Life offers infinite possibilities! 

I offer Skype healing sessions and coaching as well as personal sessions in Zurich and globally when travelling. I also offer various workshops. 

Love and light


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