Simply Empowering

Everybody’s creative genius is different and everybody has a different type of creativity, yet we all are creative geniuses. 

George Land, who worked with NASA, on what kills the creative genius (TEDx Tucson)

Taking you BEYOND perceived limits

When we go BEYOND our perceived limits a whole new reality with new experiences opens up for exploration. My intention is to take our clients into new dimensions and BEYOND  their present awareness state. The true magic happens outside the comfort zone. We strive to empower our clients to find innovative and creative ways to transform their organisations as well as fully embrace embodied leadership on multiple dimensions. Peak experience leads to peak performance.

What is so unique about you is that I felt almost immediately that you can touch and feel one’s mind, heart and soul. Tomer, Israel

Transformation and shifts occur when we feel safe in a mindful environment to be ourselves and where a safe space is created  with compassion and an open heart. This is what differentiates us from artificial intelligence, the compassionate beingness, and  these are the qualities that need to be strengthened in light of (AI) being around the corner. Employees, leaders as well as children (our future leaders) and parents need a new awareness and new skill sets, which actually are innate qualities that need to be re-accessed and have been “programmed away” throughout our lives.

It is important to practice BEING fully present and when

I truly see you, I truly hear you and I truly feel you 

my aware and mindfully conscious doing evolves through co-creation. When we open up to new dimensions we realise that they offer infinite possibilities! 


I can confirm with absolute certainty that our children are so much more aware of everything than we adults are. We can learn from them. They still live their innate creativity and are born creative geniuses (as were we) until they hit school and are being squeezed into boxes to fit systems, behave and follow orders.

TEDx Tucson, George Land “The Failure of Success” created assessments for NASA to find the most creative people and when he took it to the public he realised that the schooling system kills creativity from 98% at age 5 to 2% as an adult.

We are done with the old system. We need a new and innovative school system that no longer follows the school system of the industrial revolution that was created to program workers from an early age on to come daily to work from 9-5. People used to live with the rhythm of nature. Artificial intelligence and robots will soon enough replace many jobs, so our children need to be more creative and have a strong set of soft skills especially self-compassion and compassion. Here is a short video from the world economic forum about what we need to teach our children.

Curiously we keep wanting our children to be innovative, inventors, creative, able to think outside the box, courageous etc. yet as parents and teachers we demand from them that they sit still all day and learn what they are being told to learn while being graded and told they are failures. Think about it. How do you really want your children to grow up? What do you really want them to be able to do? Most of  all, who do you really want them to be? Themselves? What does it mean to be themselves? Who is your child at heart? What does it need and want for its growth and expansion?

Increasingly we have highly sensitive children who need guidance along their path and most of all they need to be understood. There are schools that have increased recess time. Their ADD and ADHD rates dropped. That simple.

There are schools that have the worst reputation in their city. They introduced more art, music and creativity and suddenly the students are much more motivated and engaged.

I would love to read or hear about a school that truly offers teenagers the possibility to start later in the morning as their bodies are going through tremendous changes and have a different sleeping pattern. We are ignoring completely what our children need and sacrifice their well-being for what I may ask?