Primary Healing

Thank you for finding my website and opening up to the abundance of infinite possibilities that your journey and your path will bring. 

Anyone can learn and use energy healing (often known as Reiki but there are many different types and techniques of energy healing) because we are all connected to the infinite source. Over time I created my own technique called primary healing as I felt that it was best to work directly with the infinite and divine source of all creations and tap into the infinite field of unconditional love and light. During my courses participants learn to connect with the infinite source of all creations and use its pure and loving energy for healing purposes for ourselves and others as well as guidance or to manifest things in our life.

Your healing path

I always like to encourage everyone to see life as a path and journey and working with the primary energy from the source will bring harmony, balance, peace and unconditional love into your lives. Nothing happens over night. So when you decide to start your healing journey  be prepared that such a journey can bring a lot of beautiful experiences but also painful experiences. It is important to understand that we don’t need pain to learn but we can learn through love. However, many of us still believe that their learnings have to be painful or that they are part of karmic learnings. I truly encourage you to let go of that belief system. Thoughts create your reality :) So create your reality filled with unconditional love and light, surround yourself with people who like you want to heal and grow and give and receive unconditional love and light.

Healing has to happen on the inside so I encourage you to empower yourself and to bring peace, harmony and unconditional love into your life. It is free will and it is your choice what direction you want to take in your life. You can stay with your old “programs” or you can let go of them and and create a much happier life. It truly is up to you.

See this journey as the path to your own freedom and empowerment.

Energy healing

  • Brings harmony and peace to your body, mind and soul
  • Helps find you the path to your heart and opens the door to your soul
  • Helps you overcome old programs and let go of what you no longer need
  • It reduces stress and increases relaxation
  • It leads to an overall balance on a physical, emotional and spiritual level
  • It treats at the root cause and not just on the surface
  • It helps reduce pain (physical and emotional)
  • It can be used by children and adults

Why do we get sick? 

We get sick because different energy levels are out of balance.

There are obviously different diseases and we get sick for different reasons. If a virus is going around then we might catch it. If our immune system is weak (or our chi is low) then the likelihood of catching it is higher. If our immune system is strong (or our chi is strong) then we might either not catch it at all or recover much quicker.

Sometimes a root cause might lie in an unhealthy diet or it could even be that for most of our lives we have lived with fears, anger, swallowed too much or were not able to let go of things. Sometimes of course it could be a genetic problem. In any case we can use energy to help us heal on different levels but also if we use again our thoughts and our intention to heal then this alone can be so powerful!

When we get sick our body is telling us: you are not looking after yourself. It might be that we work too much, don’t eat well, don’t exercise enough, don’t share our burdens and sorrows, don’t speak up. Whatever it is, it’s a message that tells us that it is our responsibility to listen to our body and look after it – on all levels (physical, emotional and spiritual level).

How does Energy Healing work?  

Everybody is born with the connection to our primary, infinite and divine source and everybody is pure love and light. However from the moment we are in our mother’s womb we experience conditioning and programming – first through our parents and everyone else in our environment, then in kindergarten and school, at university, at work etc. Over time our energy becomes more and more suppressed and we forget our connection to the source. During a primary healing  class you do a self-attunement to re-awaken your connection to the primary and infinite source and to remember your true essence of unconditional love and light. The energy is always present and inside you, however you can connect to the primary, infinite and divine source to work as a channel for such a high frequency energy. By working with high frequency energies you not only raise your own vibration but also assist people who you work with in raising their vibration and ultimately the vibration of our planet Earth, Gaia. See how powerful you are!

Can we see Energy?

Remember, we all are energy. Everything is energy! Think about it – some people can see auras, which is nothing else then an energy field. My son once surprised me with a comment. I was doing an energy exercise with my children so they could feel the energy. At first they could not feel anything. Then I asked them to rub their hands very fast. Now they could feel the energy much better. My son then said to me: Now I can also see the blue colour again. I had not realized that he sees the energy in a blue colour! Later he explained that it could also be the rainbow colours that he sees. That is one of the reasons why I love working with children. They are still so open minded so they can often see what we adults can not or don’t allow ourselves to see.

Britta Vock, a German Reiki practitioner  published a book about Reiki for horses. In the book she published pictures from Jeanette Gerkens Kuhlow which show through thermography how Reiki works. She takes a picture of a specific area before Reiki is given, then another one while Reiki is given and finally one after Reiki has been given.  After the Reiki treatment we can see how the area that received Reiki changed its temperature by showing the area in a red colour. Please also see “Reiki for horses”, which contains more pictures.





Picture Jeanette Gerkens-Kuhlow, Book: “Gesundes Pferd – Reiki”, Britta Vock, 2007

Can we feel Reiki?

The simple answer is yes. As we are all individuals and feel things in different ways, we also feel Reiki differently. Some people might feel tingling in their fingers or hands, some people might feel heat in their hands, some people might feel that the hands are cold. A friend of mine gets a nice buzzing in her head. A very small percentage of people might take some time to feel the Reiki flow – or perhaps they might not be aware that they actually feel it when they do.


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